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Claim Types

The following are some examples of the types of accident and injury claims that may give rise to compensation. It is your right to claim compensation if you have been injured or disadvantaged through no fault of your own.

Traffic Accident

Highland Claims can assist you if you have been involved in a Car Accident as a driver, motorcyclist, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist. Whiplash injuries and expenses for missing work or medical costs can all be included in your compensation claim. Even if you have sustained an injury in a Traffic Accident and the driver of the other vehicle is not insured or you have been injured as a result of a "hit and run" incident, you may still be able to claim compensation. We have specialist solicitors that handle claims that involve injuries sustained in car accidents which means we have a very high success rate with claims of this nature.

Repair and Replacement Vehicle. If you are involved in a non fault car accident, we will keep you on the road by arranging a like-for-like hire vehicle until yours is repaired. Our National network of vehicle rental companies and body shops combine to offer a wide range of vehicles, including executive and prestige models. The hire costs are recovered from the insurer of the other party involved. There will be no requirements for you to make payments in advance.

Once a replacement vehicle has been authorised, you may qualify for our credit repair service. Whether insured comprehensively or third party, the service will benefit you. If insured third party, the credit repair service will eliminate the inconvenience of obtaining estimates and will provide the funding for your repair whilst your claim proceeds. Comprehensive insured customers choosing this route will not have to pay a policy excess and because no claim is being made against your policy, your hard earned No Claims Bonus is protected.
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Work Injury

Highland Claims can assist you if you have been injured at work due to an accident in the workplace. This could be as a result of faulty equipment or insufficient/non training or a failure in Health and Safety Regulations. It may be that your injury at work is a result of continual exposure to incorrect working procedures. You have 3 years from the time that the injury occurred, or the disability is diagnosed, to pursue your right to claim. If you are still employed with the employer, don't be afraid of claiming. Your employer will be insured against you pursuing such a claim for which you are legally entitled to do. Your employer has a duty of care to protect you during your employment. With all Accidents at work claims, you need to make sure that the accident book was correctly filled in.

Common Accidents at Work. These include being given incorrect tools for a job, tripping over discarded material on the workplace floor, having to use faulty machinery, lack of training to carry out your job safely. This includes manually lifting or handling training. There can be occassions when you are not issued with protective gloves or equipment that can lead to servere accidents which can lead to the loss of fingers and limbs. Accident at work injuries can possibly lead to financial problems down the line as you may not be able to continue doing the job that you were employed to do. In these cases, making a claim for compensation due to an accident at work would ease these problems and also lead to you getting the best possible treatment to enable you to make a full recovery.
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Slip or Trip

Highland Claims can assist you if you have been injured as a result of Slipping, Tripping or Falling on Floors, Pavements, Steps or Ramps in a Public Place. The most common cause of Public Liability claims are when clients trip over Uneven Pavements, fall in Potholes on public roads, going to the local Supermarket and Slipping over produce which was not cleaned up, Faulty Equipment in Playgrounds and Sports Centres. The most common incident is Slipping on Wet Surfaces in a public place. Local Authorities are under a duty to ensure that pavements and public highways are in a safe condition for public use.

Slip and Trip Accidents. Although in recent years, Slip and Trip claims have been been portrayed in a bad light and have been seen to have contributed to the 'Compensation Culture', the truth is they are probably the highest claim category that results in broken bones and specifically for the elderley, result in a broken hip. It is important to note that in pursuing a claim for damages certain parameters are followed. What is vital to a successful Trip and Fall claim is photographic evidence. This means that if you tripped over uneven paving stones in the street or fell into a pothole in the road, you need to take good quality photos of the fault as soon as possible. Ideally, you should place a 50p in the defect then take pictures thus giving an idea of scale. If you are unsure if your incident was caused by the negligence or fault of others then please call our friendly freephone claim assessment helpline and one of our claim advisors will explain if it sounds like you have a claim. Or simply use our call back feature and let us call you.
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Medical Negligence

Highland Claims can assist you if you have been injured or suffered temporary or permanent damage as a result of the Medical Negligence of those in charge of your care and treatment. Medical claims can be complex and personal. Our panel of Specialist Solicitors treat ALL claims with care and sensitivity and we only assign solicitors with specific experience to each claim. Medical Negligence can arise from any circumstance where a medical professional has breached the duty of care that they owe to each and every patient they treat. This makes it a very complex area of law that requires specialist advice.

Because Medical Negligence Law is extremely complex, it is impossible to list Common Injuries as each claim is unique to each client. Common reasons for complaint can be:

A mistake being made by the professional whilst carrying out the treatment such as prescribing the wrong drugs or carrying out an operation incorrectly.

Failure to obtain full and appropriate consent prior to carrying our treatment or warn of the potential risks and side effects of treatment.
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